To attain superior results and reach your fitness goals faster, personal training and nutrition need to go hand in hand

Although you may think that training to improve your body shape is enough, you’ll find that a balanced regimen of healthy food will really take your results to the next level. The best way to achieve your personal training goals is to nourish yourself from the inside out with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to look and perform at its best.

cam mcd

Cam McDonald

Exercise Physiology and Dietetics Specialist


EnhanceHQ are partnered with Cam McDonald, who is trained in both Exercise Physiology and Dietetics and Nutrition in Sydney and the Gold Coast respectively. He has completed his PhD research at the University of QLD that focussed on optimising body composition through the combination of specific nutrients and exercise for breast cancer survivors.

His interests in how exercise and nutrition affect the brain and work performance have been translated into fun, practical and effective presentations for organisations and/or individuals looking to get the edge that comes from a few simple daily lifestyle tactics. A must for the corporate or sales brain!

Cam leads a team of private practice and Sports Accredited Dietitians in Brisbane. As a dietitian and exercise physiologist, he runs team and individual exercise and nutrition sessions, and constantly scours the latest research to enhance his practice, and his clients’ results.

He has lectured and tutored budding exercise physiologists and dietitians domestically, is a regular presenter at FILEX and WAFIC, and has travelled domestically and internationally to collaborate on research programs and to present his own research findings.


Nutrition coaching and development are both incredibly important to ensure personal training success, as excellent nutrition forms the backbone of strong health and fitness. At Enhance HQ, we believe that personal training can truly transform your life if approached holistically.

Sometimes the best way to achieve your fitness goals is by focusing heavily on personal training and diet as a package, as opposed to concentrating on one or the other. A nutritional diet can provide an incredible boost to your day to day energy levels, it can also improve your motivation, vitality and self-esteem. To help you achieve consistent results with your fitness plan, our trainers look at every aspect of your life, including what you’re putting into your body pre and post training, to make the most of your personal training experience.

With small tweaks to your diet, you will find yourself refreshed and ready for the next fitness challenge. And what’s more, we believe that helping you make small adjustments to your eating habits may just be what separates us from merely being your personal trainer to the person who changes your life for the better!


In addition to keeping an eye on your nutrition, our trainers will also take into account any injuries or existing conditions that may affect the way you exercise. Rehabilitation, personal training and nutrition should be combined into an overall fitness strategy. We will ensure that you are setting achievable fitness goals and that, over time, you are able to reach them.

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